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Photos of Leslie and Family:
Leslie and Grahams Wedding:
Family Reunion:

Photos For Leslie

Top Left - A photo of Mom and Jim taken at Christmas of 1991. Jim was the most wonderful man, you would have loved him.

Top Right - From center clockwise. Jim (deceased), Mom, Jeanette, Blackie (deceased, Sharon (Johns wife), Bonnie, Shelley and John. This photo was taken I believe in 1990.

Lower Left - Mom with Granddaughters - Naomi on her left and Heidi on her right. These are two of Bills daughters.

Lower Right - May 1995 - Jeanette, Bill, Evie, Shelley & Bonnie

Top Left - Evies grandchildren Stephanie and Samantha. These are Brads children who live in Gold River on Vancouver Island

Top Right - Bill and Edna's Wedding in 1990 or 1991

Bottom Left - Andrea & Dales Wedding. Andrea is Evies daughter and has two beautiful sons but I can't locate photos of them right now

Bottom Right - Bill and his daughter Tara in 1993. Tara lives in California

Right - Bonnie & Shelley in 1993.

Center - Shelleys husband Peter with a four pound trout caught at Crystal Lake in Central BC.

Left - Evie in May of 1995 ready to head out for Andreas wedding.

Bonnie and Gary's two grandchildren Jordan and Ally

Our Other Pages

Photos of Leslie and Family:
Leslie & Grahams Wedding:
Family Reunion: