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Northwest Adventures

Welcome To Peter & Shelley Penner's HomePage
Pull Up A Stump, Turn On Your Speakers And Enjoy The Campfire

Peter and I met in 1989 while both working on a job in Duncan, BC. Over the next couple of years we saw each other as friends but in 1991 we took our friendship one step further and started dating. In December of 1993, we were married and have resided in Chilliwack since. Our mutual love for camping and the outdoors has allowed us to enjoy each others company to the fullest.

Being able to share our campsite with family and friends is a real pleasure. Last summer we were thrilled to have my mother join us on several camping trips. The above photo was taken at Thurston Meadows in the Chilliwack area. One of our favorite sites is Baker Lake just north of Concrete, Washington. The park we stay in was built for the employees who worked on the dam project for Puget Sound Power. It is a fabulous location and although they have no power hook-ups there is water and sewer. Peter invested in a generator for those occasions. The photo below is of the waterfall just below the dam.

Although we use the 5th wheel for most of our camping trips we sometimes take the camper to those locations that are a little more difficult to get into. Peter enjoys his hunting and fishing trips and that is when the camper comes in handy. I have to admit that I have become very spoiled with the 5th wheel and prefer to go out in it. The luxurys of the bigger unit are pretty hard to beat.

This is a 4 pound trout that Peter caught in Crystal Lake in June of 1996. He was one happy camper that day.

It has been a real pleasure working on these pages. Over the next few weeks, hopefully I will come up with ideas for making it a more interesting place to visit so do drop by again to see the changes.

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